Fangirl Challenge ● Pilots [2/10] → White Collar

Why would Neal run with three months left on a four year sentence? 

Anonymous asked:

Why is season 5 so hard to find? I noticed you don't have links for it either. Any way you think I can watch it online?

Oops, you’re totally right! I didn’t link to places where you can download season 5 yet. I’ll try to do it right away. However, if you just want to watch it online, you can just use any of the links mentioned at the top of the page!

edit: added the links now!

Anonymous asked:

Anon fic here. Thank you! I can't wait to read them! Did you say that there's a white collar fic blog?(or did I just assume you did?)

You’re welcome!

I know that there’s a tumblr blog that tracks all the White Collar fic posted on AO3 but I didn’t mention that in the previous answer. What I did mention was this livejournal account, dedicated to WC fanfiction; so maybe that’s where things got confused?