textbook-corruption asked:

Where can I find season 5 online?

You’ll find some links on this page.

Anonymous asked:

will you guys still be active once the show ends, or does it mean all wc blogs will more than likely just go cause there's not much to reblog/make anymore?

As long as people continue to make stuff related to the show and as long as people send us requests, we’ll keep being active! (Provided ~real life doesn’t get in the way too much, of course).

Even when there’s nothing to reblog, this blog will continue to exist. We definitely don’t plan on deleting it! :) 

tikidistractions asked:

What??? 6 episodes?? No!! Do you happen to know when they will be filming?? Its always been my dream to meet them but every time I went into NYC they were filming somewhere else...

No clue! Usually they start filming right about now, but with the delay I’m not sure when they’ll start exactly. When there’s more information, we’ll post it here though!

mydearbrotherholmes asked:

I agree with people being upset by the way USA has treated White Collar (promotion etc.) - and the fact that we are only getting 6 episodes for a final season makes me so sad and angry at the same time - Nikita ended last year with six episodes and it literally felt like the show was over in about 2 weeks, everything happened so fast :(

I understand. Having to say goodbye to a show can be really hard sometimes.

Anonymous asked:

So season 6 is the last season?

Yes, season 6 will consist of 6 episodes, with the sixth episode being the series finale.

imgoingtocrash asked:

To comment on S6/the cancellation, USA is a subsidiary of NBC. In the past, especially in my experience with other NBC subsidiaries like Syfy, A show has loyal fans, but they don't GROW is the issue. Psych is ending with a half season next week, Chuck ended in 2012 in the same way, Warehouse 13 is getting a 6 ep 5th season this April. NBC has a habit of "cutting the chord" in this manner, but they DO allow a few eps to wrap things up if possible. Be thankful we get anything, folks. :)

Personally I don’t think people have to be thankful at all. I think it’s pretty awful that a network treats so much of their shows like this.

I get it. It’s TV and all that really matters is money. That’s just the way things work. The problem, like you said, is that the audiences don’t grow. That is not the fault of the audience. That’s all on the network. If they don’t invest in enough promotion, if they don’t do everything they can to reach as much people as they can, they’re not giving their shows a fair chance. I don’t think that’s right.

I just don’t think it’s okay to treat your audience or your shows like this. I’m not saying that we all have to be angry. You can be thankful for what we have gotten and that’s fine. I’m glad we’re getting six more episodes. I’m saying I understand people who aren’t thankful, too. I’m saying that you can be angry right now and still be a good fan of the show.

Anonymous asked:

i really don't understand why wc is only getting 6 more episodes the ratings haven't fallen or anything it just makes no sense I know tons of shows been renewed for a new season next yr that really shouldn't of they should of ended like 2 seasons ago the ratings keep dropping so it sucks cause wc hasn't lost any ratings or fans it was still going good >< I really don't understand who comes up with this bs tbh :/



Yeah, their ratings were pretty good and constant. However, in comparison to other series, White Collar isn’t popular. It has a loyal fanbase but not a rapid growing one. Right now I guess the network decided the profit isn’t good enough to justify the cost. In other words, White Collar doesn’t bring the network enough money. 
That’s how it goes in business, sadly. 

From what I heard, though, it’s actually because Matt Bomer is leaving?

And remember this was never a show that could last forever. Once Neal is free of the anklet, you kind of don’t have a show anymore?

Honestly I’m more glad that it gets to have a legitimate written ending rather than being cancelled and having one or two eps to try and tie everything up.

I think those are just rumors. Everything official I’ve read stated that it was due to their budget.
And sure, no show can last forever. Everything has to come to an end eventually. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck :)

I think most people are just upset over the fact that this show has never really gotten the care or attention (from the network, critics, etc.) it deserved. 

While six episodes isn’t bad, I wouldn’t call it a good deal it either. When you’re used to having 13-16 episodes, having to wrap up everything (and as a viewer, having to say goodbye to the characters) in six episodes feels pretty lousy. So I can understand why people are upset.