finnharries-tho asked:

Starting watching white collar about two or three weeks ago and I'm already on season four. I don't want it to end

The struggle of wanting to watch as many episodes as you can and at the same time not wanting it to end, I’ve been there ;)

Anonymous asked:

I just started white collar and now I'm mad it's ending. Noooo I love it

I’ve seen so many people say this lately!
I’m truly glad new people continue to discover White Collar almost every day. Enjoy the show, it’s a great one :)

nickisgirl asked:

I'm so sad its ending :(

Me too. It can be really hard to say goodbye to a show and to characters that you love. I think people tend to underestimate just how much a TV show or a character can influence your life.

I think all that’s left to do right now is hope that the final season will be a good one and that the final episode will leave us feeling satisfied. (After all, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story”.)

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